Artisan Chocolates

Learn how to perfect the technique of chocolate-making in this workshop. It includes bean to bar visuals, information about flavour-pairing and chocolate fillings, understanding techniques such as cocoa butter colouring, tempering, and casting. You will learn to make:

  • Mango pate-de fruit
  • Truffles
  • a. Rolled truffles
  • b. Enrobed truffles
  • Bon bons with Peanut butter, crunchy caramel, Enrobed chocolate, and fudges
  • Filling like caramel, flavored ganache, garnishes,.
  • Cocoa butter tempering, coloring and cocoa butter spraying using machines
  • Intro to costing and packing.
  • a brief ab out food photography

All the tools and materials provided. We use couverture chocolate for casting.

The Highlights of this course are

  • 1. Complete hands-on experience of baking.

  • 2. After-class support will be provided. No prior experience or knowledge about baking is required.

  • 3. A recipe booklet with a detailed description of the procedure will be shared. Both egg and eggless recipes will be discussed and shared.

  • 4. Standard recipes and alternative ingredients in the recipes will be provided.