Vrushali. S

I had taken up one day workshop, it was very professional. The academy engages in basic of understanding techniques, interactive faculty, overall it was a great learning experience.

Sowmya Suguvanam

Very professional, thoroughly enjoyed the session. The place was very clean. The training was with hands on ,gives confidence to do on your own. Very well organised program.

Prateesha Pradeep

I did the Cake Foundation Program from Celesteyum . And it was the best Cake making program. I got individual attention with prompt support and guidance from the experts . It was purely Hands-on program and you gain more confidence as on the last day of the program – I was able to make a…


Very good experience 😃Wonderful teaching,❤️I’m so happy

Suraj R

I have took one day workshop of cake decoration. It was very creative stress buster and teachers are so informative technically they are very strong. I suggest people can try once definitely they love it.

Vachan Shetty

I have always loved baking and the idea of pursuing a career in baking. I have attended the diploma course at Celesteyum in Whitefield and the experience i gained has helped me a lot. Access to the correct equipment and guidance from the trained chef & staff makes a big difference. I have been selected…

Shraddha Gupta

Baking has been my hobby and I was really excited to be the part of whipping session that I had . Thanks to the chef for sharing their knowledge and tips related to baking .It was really a good experience

Sravani Muthineni

I was pretty new to the baking but i have got very good support to learn the basics in the baking and they are really friendly people , ready to help on call or message post the training for the clarifications.

Farheen Taj

Had a wonderful learning experience. The teachers are wonderful and knowledgeable. It was worth the time and efforts 😇

Susan Shaji Koshy

I had a wonderful experience in 2 week program.Loved the way the whole team briefs about the course. Special thanks to Shoba ma’am, Chef Shama and Chef Vidushi for explaining the do’s and don’ts in each module done.

Rathna Mary

I had a wonderful experience learning baking, with incredibly helpful staff. I’d gladly learn more.

Reshma Rajan

The weekend class on CAKES AND PASTRIES was really great and beginner friendly. Class starts out with a theory session followed by practical which I found to be really efficient way of teaching. They took care of teaching the students every minute detail, Do’s and Don’ts, tricks and tips, etc. In practical session, we were…

Bhavani Martinluther

Attended week end session, liked it

Pebby Nirmal

Wonderful academy for baking! Enjoyed the training and the trainers were efficient! Will go back again.

Sargam Goel

I attended a two day Sourdough bread baking class this week, and can confidently say it was a great experience. Chef Vidushi has good knowhow about the subject and took me through the practical aspects first followed by theory so understanding could be enhanced. It was also great interacting with Chef Shobha as well, who…

Eeshan Thakur

I am totally a freshers in Baking and I attended hands on baking class The mentors were very helpful They are not in hurry and give enough time to clear our doubts. The practical class was quite helpful and it has given me confidence to bake Thanks to all the mentors and the academy

Vidya Harichandan

I attended the weekend class of cake decorations and sponge making. Their teaching process was too good 👍 very helpful for beginners. Within a day one can learn so many techniques of baking. Great experience with professional teachers 👏 👍 Thank you ❤

Suhasi Singh

The teaching is awesome and understandable

Keshav Kumar

The Chefs at Celesteyum explained every step in detail without rushing through anything, and every cake that she taught became so easy to make. They tasted absolutely tasty and fresh. The environment was very homely and friendly, which added a lot to the overall professional baking experience. Every cuisine and every class of hers is…

Priya Kansal

I did a month Entrepreneur course, it was an amazing experience and learning for me. I would like to thank the well-experienced chefs who guided me throughout this course. They have a wonderful kitchen setup and provide us with all the materials required . It was a hands-on practical learning with bits of details given.…

Janice Fernandes

Celesteyum Academy has hands-on learning experience and they begin from the basics for those who are new to the industry and gradually ease into advanced. They teach all the tips and tricks of how to get the best-baked goods. We had commercial kitchen visits and Chefs shared their experience with us. We visited the kitchens…

Vineeth Kumar

The diploma course at Celesteyum was the best. Great hands-on experience, modern equipment, and an expert team. A must for baking enthusiasts!

Pavan S

Thrilled with the program! Comprehensive course with skilled instructors, and invaluable hands-on training. It was instrumental during my time at Toscano and is now proving beneficial at ITC. Enroll if you’re passionate about pastries!

Vedansh Raizyada

Finished the Classic French Pastry with Macarons led by Chef Sudipto Ray, and it was an absolute delight! The hands-on experience, along with the support of a great team and the latest equipment, made the learning process even more enjoyable. Excited for my next culinary adventure: pursuing a Diploma in Professional Patisserie for more thrilling…

Sophia Johnson

Uncover pure joy in the French Pastry Class! No prior experience needed; personally explore a new passion with fantastic support, top-notch equipment, and hands-on learning. Highly recommended for my delightful sweet adventure!

Harijeeth Prakash

Delighted with the Diploma at Celesteyum! The course structure is well-planned, covering everything from pastries to Baker Project management. This allowed for in-depth learning, and the after-class support is a real boon. A top-notch program!

Amrutha KR

I recently took a diploma course in baking and confectionery in Bangalore, and it was such a valuable experience. Additionally at Celesteyum Academy I learned so much from the industry experts who conducted workshops like christmas baking and macaron making. So from baking breads to baking breakfast pastries, I was able to improve my skills.…

Shivani Bhosale

I can say I am fully satisfied with my diploma in the bakery and confectionery program from Celesteyum Academy. The staff there are highly skilled industry experts who provide individual attention to each student. I particularly enjoyed focusing on cake design and decoration during my learning journey. It was such a joy to learn and…

Anita Shanthi

I went through an amazing experience last 1month. I learned a lot from the chef shyama mam and shoba mam. Even I don’t know the basic baking techniques but now I have a confident that I will do home baking. It’s a good learning platform for who loves baking as a passion.

Sangeetha S

Wonderful session! Made baking feel so seamless 🙂

Priyanka Jadhav

I attended a 1 day bread making class and it was fun and very informative. Got hands on experience and fortunate to have talented chefs to guide us.thanks so much for the wonderful learning

Pooja Mopagar

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me improve my baking skills. Before taking the diploma program, I didn’t know much about baking and pastry. But now, I feel so much more confident. So thanks Celesteyum Academy.

Rupam Sinha

I had a great experience with celesteyum acadmy. I completed diploma in baking 3 months programme here. The course was really very helpful to me in enhancing my passion towards baking. It is a well equipped and the chefs are really very knowledgeable and patient.i enjoyed my learning here. Thanks celesteyum


I enrolled in diploma courses in bakery and confectionery, which provided a fantastic learning experience and professionalism. The staff was very friendly and supportive. After completing the course, we also received suggestions from them.

Azra Zeb

Really had a good experience with their one month weekend program. Shobha mam and other chefs (trainers) were just amazing. They not only teach but also give theoritical explanations of each and every step. They make sure that our doubts are cleared and everyone is very much approchable. Its not only a class but a…

Sholanki Datta

I always wanted to be a pastry chef or to be in baking industry… I found this academy when I moved to Bangalore and celesteyum academy is well equipped with great faculties, upgraded machines and tools and a very good recipe of bread , cake and pastries…. everything that you want to learn u can…

Rheanna Varkey

I recently went for their one day Weekend class and I had an amazing experience. I watch alot of content online so I walked in assuming I knew quite a bit but I learnt so much in theory. When it came to the practical we went over so many techniques with their practical application, we…

Nivedita BM

I can say I am fully satisfied with my diploma in the bakery and confectionery program from Celesteyum Academy. The staff there are highly skilled industry experts who provide individual attention to each student. I particularly enjoyed focusing on cake design and decoration during my learning journey. It was such a joy to learn and…

Rahul Sharma

My daughter had just finished her baking course at Celesteyum Baking Academy, which is an excellent choice for aspiring chefs. The focus on a student-centric approach and values is important, as it creates a positive and supportive learning environment. It’s great to hear that the chefs are patient and knowledgeable and that they work to…

silpa reddy

Have attended a masterclass on whipped cream cakes. I am very happy to be a part of Celesteyum Baking Academy. The trainers are very patient.

Sonia Jagpal

“I had attended whipped cream master class . The class was informative and could clear my doubts. I look forward to attend more classes related to baking here in Celesteyum academy.

Sholanki Datta

I always wanted to be a pastry chef or to be in baking industry… I found this academy when I moved to Bangalore and celesteyum academy is well equipped with great faculties, upgraded machines and tools and a very good recipe of bread , cake and pastries…. everything that you want to learn u can in this academy…they also have written and viva exams for the diploma students which will prepare you further…I am glad that I found this academy right when I needed it …

Kishore ladwe

My wife has been taking baking classes at the Celesteyum Baking Academy for 4 months now, and I don’t know how time flies, but this is one of the best decisions I have made since it’s 90% hands-on learning and you learn a lot within a very short period of time. Overall, the teaching, hygiene,…

Lata ch

It is a Very Good and Very friendly place to learn about baking. They will clarify all our doubts and guide us very nicely. Thank you Celesteyum.

Saraswati devray

I had a great experience with Celesteyum Baking Academy. It is well-equipped, and its approach and values are centered on the students. The chefs are patient and knowledgeable, and they are known for bringing out each student’s abilities and strengths. Giving each student a solid foundation in everything from knife handling to exploring the baking…

Suman Nayak

Apt place for beginners who are interested in baking. I had booked for 1 day baking class for my kids. They loved the experience and want to go for summer courses next year to Celesteyum Academy

Priyanshi Rastogi

I enrolled for whipping cream masterclass and hands down it was an amazing experience. I think the USP of this brand will be the support chefs who were so patient and encouraging and were there to help at every step.. looking forward to connect with them super soon.

Priya Heblekar

I’m a home baker wanted upskill my techniques…. attended classes in Celesteyum Academy… one of the best.They thought some small tricks which will improve our baking and frosting. Thanks Shobha Maam.

Sweta Singh

Had a wonderful time learning the basics of bread making…. An amazing instructor, lovely co learners and amazing breads at the end… What else does one want… Would definitely recommend these classes to anyone interested in some fun baking…


I recently attended the Entrepreneurship Program in Baking and it was amazing to say the least. I was passionate about baking and enjoyed doing it and wanted to learn more about it, and the Entrepreneurship program was perfect as it was not too long, not too short, and covered many modules. Through Celesteyum Academy, with…

Nagashree Upadhya

I attended one day bread fundamentals here, I had a great time learning the recipes and it is totally beginner friendly and brilliant mentoring 🙂

A Thomas

I recently took a baking course that taught me how to make cupcakes, muffins, and puff pastry, and I have to say, it was an incredible experience! The instructor was knowledgeable and patient, and the hands-on approach to learning made all the difference. Overall, I would highly recommend this baking course to anyone who wants…

Madan Kumar

I was looking for some Baking Academies in Bangalore, and my cousin suggested Celesteyum Academy. Ever since I joined Celesteyum Academy, it has been an exceptional experience., complete hands-on experience with placement assistance The trainers are knowledgeable and approachable, and they make learning about baking and pastry techniques a delightful process. The facilities are state-of-the-art…

Dimple Mishra

Celesteyum is a fantastic baking academy that provides comprehensive and enriching courses. My daughter attended the class. The faculties are really supportive after class and very patient as they guide her through the process of learning pastry skills and running a bake sale, like menu planning, costing, and marketing techniques. The institute itself is warm…

Aadvika Shukla

My sister always had a desire to learn baking, and Celesteyum Baking’s courses have exceeded my expectations with their fully hands-on learning experience. The courses not only teach you valuable baking skills, but they also provide information on where to purchase ingredients and offer helpful tips and techniques. I highly recommend these classes to anyone…

Richa srivastava

My daughter joined the kids baking camp for 2 days and had super exciting days learning and baking different items on both the days. She enjoyed to the fullest. Did all things herself from step1…. So had amazing hands on experience.

Rekha Dhawle

My sister recently attended the first session with Celesteyum baking classes in Bangalore, and it was a great experience. The session was both informative and enjoyable, with the trainer sharing a wealth of tips and tricks. She is really grateful for the experience that she had.

Somnath Samanta

Attended 4 weekend classes where we learnt basics of tarts/ puff pastries/ breads/ cakes etc! Teachers were very nice and overall had a great fun filled hands on weekend experience! Wish Celesteyum all the best 🙂

Kirubha Truman

Great place to learn baking hands on. Great chef, good kitchen, friendly environment and real learning that helps you to start baking at home.

Patil from Bangalore

Celesteyum Academy provides the best baking classes in Bangalore. The Diploma program offered is very good and the trainers are polite and give attention to each student. They organize doubt-clearing sessions frequently. Really awesome!!

Pranav from Tumkur

It was great experience in Celesteyum Academy and I learnt many a things, I had a very good chef and the environment in class was good.

Jugesh Prasad from Bellandur, Bangalore

I had an awesome experience attending the “Bread Fundamentals” class at the academy. I have always been fascinated by art of Bread making and was determined to get it right. Thanks to the chefs and instructors @Celesteyum in whose expert guidance, i got to learn the finer details which really made a difference. Thanks again…

Mohanty from Whitefield

The Academy conducts class full of hands on, They teach you from the scratch.Complex bakes yet simplest way of teaching and that really gives you a lot of confidence.

Maria David

I took up the 4 weekend package and it was great! I learnt a lot of stuff in depth and the instructors were very attentive to every individual and patient with all our questions, everyone is a participant in her classes. I got hands on experience in fondant cake decoration and all other classes .Would…

George john from Kerala

Celesteyum Academy is your one stop destination for all that you want to learn in the field of baking and culinary. Shobha Ma’am is one of the best mentors I could have ever found. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject is worth a mention! She not only teaches theory in depth but also focuses on…

Paromita paul from Kolkata

Its an honour to write about Celesteyum Academy. I was a part of Two Months Baking Programme with Celesteyum Academy, Bangalore. I enjoyed my learning with Celesteyum Academy and they help in getting placement too. It was an awesome experience in working with Chef Shobha Bhat who runs this academy along with her culinary skills…

Anjali from Surat

Attended Chocolate Making course at Celesteyum Academy. Great experience. Faculties are just awesome. They helped me throughout the course. Got the placement after the course as well.

Ankit from Hosur

Attended 3 Months Bakery Programme. Amazing experience. Can’t wait to attend the next session.

Ruchi Dwivedi from Delhi

Recently attended cake decoration course,it was awesome. Place was clean and covid protocols were followed properly. Overall nice experience. Class was very organized, learnt many things about baking and decoration from this session like sponge ,cake slicing, crumb coating, frosting, piping, small fondant figures, air brushing etc. In future if time permits will try to…

Sangeeth k from Chennai

Top Baking School for Beginners.Well organised sessions. Very helpful for beginners who have a passion for baking. Clear explanations were given during the sessions and even the silly questions were answered. Individual attention to all the trainees. Overall good experience with the Chef mam n team. Thanks a ton, mam…

Jyothi gupta

I must say,’ one of the best pastry school in Bangalore’. Special focus was given on the basic tips and techniques which we normally miss. Not just the recipes I got to learn the science behind the ingredients and the technique. Very enriching experience. One more special skill which Celesteyum teach you is…. ‘Perfection’. I…

Megha from whitefield

Had a great experience, learned so many things about baking and would say, one of the best baking schools in Bangalore. Thanks to Celesteyum Academy and Shobha Ma’am to give me such a great experience. I enjoyed in such a way that if I got a chance in future I would like to learn again…

Sankalp from whitefield

Excellent teacher and a very clean and hygenic institue. Best academy to learn baking in Bangalore. My mom attended four classes from Celesteyum and she appreciated the patience and the passion of the trainer.

Lajja from Gujarat

I must say that Celesteyum academy provides best chocolate-making classes in Bangalore, the results were beyond professional. My daughter attended the classes in 2021.

Gautham from Ananthpur

I have opted for a one-month entrepreneur course in baking in November 2021 ,during the training have enjoyed learning and preparing the quality products like Bread, Cakes, Donuts and etc.. The head of the institute Shobha mam always supportive and helped me to understand the product before and after by applying with simple techniques and…

Divya Selvamani from Chennai

The best bakery school for beginners in Bengaluru… I attended 4 day class where I personally learnt a lot of techniques and I am very much satisfied. The class is professional and the quality of products is very high. It was a wonderful experience and fun to make chocolates. I’m a beginner and now I…

Shweta from Bangalore

I attended Gourmet chocolate-making hands-on class on 7th November 2021 at Celesteyum academy and I must say it was a wonderful experience for me to make chocolates under Shobha’s guidance. With all her expertise, she made me understand the entire process in detail and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you, Shobha for your continued support…

Nitin, from Bangalore

I had opted for one day breakfast pastries course, learnt a lot of tricks and recipes in less than a day. Loved the overall experience of learning and thanks a lot to the chef for being polite and answering all the questions and providing us the very slightest of details.. Had a great day thank…

Agam Kumar from Whitefield

It was great experience at the academy. Started with basics of bread preparation followed by hands on practice in kitchen. Thank you shobha for the wonderful experience for me and my daughter. Look forward for another session to learn something new.

Deepshika from Jharkhand

I recently attended a 1-week bakery training program in Bangalore. And was a great learning experience. Thank you celesteyum academy.

Mahalakshmi from Hennur

I had attended a 1-week training program in baking. Excellent mentor! The issues what we face during the baking were very well explained technically . So many dishes were covered in one week. I’m so happy and a contented student. Shobha and Shyama ma’am were so kind and taught patiently.Though i travelled very far to…

Sushma from Mandya

I had attended one week program, it was very beneficial and mentor’s were very proactive, creative and encouraging . So we had learned many recipes thank you so much shobha, shyaama and megha mam😊


 had been to healthy baking class and enjoyed thoroughly as i got to learn various recipes of healthy baking with vegetables. Thank you Shobha.


Cake decoration session from Shobha Mam was really great! I am a basic learner and the session helped a lot. All recipes tools and techniques were taught in class that helped me to get entire idea. Thanks to Shobha mam and Celesteyum is a great place for all to try to acquire baking skills!!!


Attended the one-month entrepreneur course in baking- I had opted for one month program, I really enjoyed learning and the classes helped me to get an idea of baking….products are made of good quality ingredients.

Attended Baking for beginners

I enjoyed my 2 days of learning. Ma’am made me feel at home instantly. I was baking basic cakes before attending her workshop. I didn’t realize I could attempt bread varieties and other things until ma’am showed me.

Abha Jain
Attended Cake decoration level 1

We had an absolutely fabulous experience learning cake decoration from Shobha. She is spectacularly passionate and that passion and enthusiasm are contagious. We learnt a lot in just a few hours. read more

Attended Bread Baking workshop

I have attended 5 days Shobha’s Baking Classes.It was my pleasure that she took the classes only for me as I am coming from Odisha to Bangalore to attend her class. It was an amazing experience.

Aishwarya Koppolu
Attended Bread Baking workshop

Gladly reviewing Celeste patisserie and Ms. Shoba – the lady behind the Creation and my experience with the bread workshop. I wouldn’t be lying if I said the moment I entered her house/studio the baking vibes went soaring high. read more

Ramya Priya Konda
our regular student

Amazing experience. Can’t wait to attend the next session.

Shilpa Prasanna
regular student

It was a delightful, delicious and a dearly learning, baking & working experience. Shobha thank you for teaching us a hands in, flawless baking, a wonderful homely experience.

Akila Raghavan
Attended eggless baking hands-on class

Amazing baking experience. Had attended the eggless baking hands-on class . Fun-filled, and homely learning experience. Mrs.Shobha made us feel instantly at ease and she is a lovely teacher. Would definitely want to learn more from her!


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