Chocolate Basics-Chocolate making course in Bangalore

Chocolates are a crowd-favorite delicacy. Everyone loves chocolate, but not everyone is skilled at working with it. The Professional Chocolate making course will show students the basics of working with chocolate, whether it is baking chocolate for use in cakes, or making truffles with fillings. 

Students will learn how to make confectionaries such as:

  • Mango pate de fruit
  • Truffles- Rasmalai, Pistachio, Earl grey, Orange, Coffee
  • Bon Bons with Peanut Butter, Caramel, Mint
  • Vegan Truffles
  • Fruit Preserves and Dry Fruits/Nuts
  • White chcolate cranberry tiffins

The Highlights of this course are

  • 1. Complete hands-on experience of making chocolates..

  • 2. After-class support will be provided. No prior experience or knowledge about Chocolate Making is required.

  • 3. A recipe booklet with a detailed description of the procedure will be shared. Both egg and eggless recipes will be discussed and shared.

  • 4. All the tools and materials will be provided. We use couverture chocolate for casting.

  • 5. Bean to Bar-visuals

  • 6. Flavour pairing and fillings for chocolate. Tempering techniques.

  • 7. Truffles and techniques to increase the shelf life of truffles.

  • 8. Students will get to take home boxes filled with the gourmet chocolates that they have created and decorated.