Baking and pastry Entrepreneur Program

This Baking and pastry Entrepreneur program prepares students to master their baking skills and to run independently owned bakery or restaurant.

This program also builds in the leadership qualities in students to start and run their businesses successfully from menu planning to selling.

Excellent baking skills that includes Cake decoration with buttercream and mastering Filo pastry recipes, travel cakes likes Madeleines, Marble cake with cocoa butter glaze, Swiss rolls, cookies like Biscotti, oats Choco chip cookies and more.

Advanced pastries like Classic French pastries that includes Opera, Eclairs, Paris Brest, cream puffs and so on.

Lot of advanced garnishes like Chocolate garnishes, Julipan, Tuilles, cigars are covered.

All the tools and materials provided. We use couverture chocolate for garnishes.

Timings: 10.30 am to 3 pm, Mon- Thursday, Two Friday being assessment day.

Chef coat, Uniform, basic tools kit and recipe book provided. Locker facility available.


Fees: 74000/-

The Highlights of this course are

  • 1. Complete hands-on experience of baking.

  • 2. After-class support will be provided. No prior experience or knowledge about baking is required.

  • 3. A recipe booklet with a detailed description of the procedure will be shared. Both egg and eggless recipes will be discussed and shared.

  • 4. Standard recipes and alternative ingredients in the recipes will be provided.