About the Founder

Celesteyum Academy is the culmination of years of passionate baking and teaching baking best practices by Shobha. Hailing from a family with experience in multiple dimensions of hospitality industry, she started dabbling in baking quite by accident.

With Masters degree in Life science and having experienced creative world as an animator, She worked as an academic adviser in Animation college for quite some time. What started as a hobby, became a passion with intensive course in baking at Lavonne and Advanced diploma course in Academy of Pastry Arts.

Her love for baking also made her a sought-after Trainer in Bengaluru for other hobby bakers, more known through her Facebook page “Blissful Bakes By Shobha”. She has also catered to many events at Bengaluru with her customized cakes and bakes besides training hundreds of young and adult baking enthusiasts.


About Celesteyum Academy- Baking Academy in Bangalore

Baking is one of the most creative jobs in the world. Baking is also considered a creative art form because it requires more creative and innovative ideas. Celesteyum academy offers the best baking courses in Bangalore. We have a team of professional chefs having 12+ years of experience in teaching baking.

We give personal training and attention to each individual. All our instructors give the right care and attention to each student until they master the art of baking and cooking.

We show the right way for people who have an interest and passion for baking skills. Celesteyum academy offers one of the best baking training centers in Bangalore city. We cover everything right from basic to advanced level of baking courses. Our other most interesting baking classes are baking master classes, tips to prepare healthy tea cake, cake decorating classes, fundamentals of bread making, eggless baking classes, chocolate basics, fondant basics, cheesecakes, bakery staff training, entrepreneurship course for baking,  industry readiness certification course, etc.

Our goal is to provide the best systematic classes of baking to our students. We are here to give the topmost exposure to our students in our baking course.

We also train students on designing and decorating cakes in various and different methods. Most of the students enjoy doing cake decorating courses. We teach a variety of cake baking skills.

We train kids, students, homemakers, professionals, and all others who are interested in learning the art of baking and cooking. We train them from basics to advanced levels of baking and cooking.

We conduct many cake making training programs in Bangalore. We provide many professional baking classes like chocolate basics, cake decoration, eggless baking, a master class in wedding cakes, artisan bread making, French pastries, fondant, and many more.



Holistic Development of our students with knowledge, skills and attitude


Engage highly skilled faculty and chefs and continuously update teaching processes for providing premium training facilities.


Unwavering focus on quality in everything that we do.


Continuously strive to achieve high levels of quality and professionalism in our academic programs.


Participate in community development by providing various scholarships and social work.